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"Uprooting the Soil is the first volume collection of qualitative research articles from Birth from The Earth Inc. Digging deep into the energetics and cultural aspects of maternity care issues, we use an approach that encompasses dissecting existing research, and utilizing a Mind-Body-Soul lens, in an effort to inspire unique thought and action as the catalyst for creative, cohesive, community-based solutions."

- Nubia Earth Martin, Founder of Birth From The Earth

Featured Articles:

"The Benefits of Group Prenatal Care for Women of Color/ Of the African Diaspora", explores the ways in which cultivating community and promoting empowerment in pregnancy are centered. The focal point is, ensuring that women are an integral part of their own wellness journey in an environment of people who look like them, in a communal setting, in addition to typical 1:1 clinical care.

"Ancestral Movement: The Mother Baby Dance as a Ceremony of Birth" uncovers the ways in which both maternal and fetal movement during pregnancy, labor and birth, are essential components to physiologic birth, and instinctively connects us to our foremothers and their ways of birthing.

"The Chosen Vessel: A deeper look at Twin Pregnancy & Birth" delves into the spiritual significance of carrying two 'Ancestors Returned', at once, and the ways in which our society honors or impedes this blessing.

"Accessibility and Barriers to obtaining Midwifery Care & Home Birth services", reveals the ever changing role that health insurance companies play in coverage, denial, and/or low reimbursement for out-of-hospital birth/out-of-network providers. Viable options for ways in which to navigate around these barriers are discussed.

"Long-term epidural effects on the sacral chakra and our sense of safety/vulnerability, and the manifestation of long term pain" takes a look at the ways in which epidural anesthesia impairs the functions of our sacral chakra, interfering with our ability to access not only what we feel, but also what we desire. This article also unpacks qualitative data about the long term physical, spiritual and emotional repercussions of epidural anesthesia, with suggestions for healing.

"Protecting the Sacred Postpartum Period" exposes the shortcomings of America's approach to postpartum wellness, and looks at global components to postpartum care, support, wellness and rituals.

"Where have all the flowers gone? The Decomposition of Black Home Birth Midwives in NY" lends voice to the experience of providing community midwifery in an oppressive state, within a profession where Black Midwives are outnumbered by their white counterparts.

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